Bicurious are a confused, loud, instrumental and experimental duo from Dublin, Ireland and Brest, France.
They are all about heft, melody, and energy. With Taran on guitar and Gavin on drums, their music grooves and makes people want to jump around and bump into each other. But prepare to get your head-banging pattern thrown off by the odd time signature.
Occasional appearances from guests such as Samuel Jackson or Donald Trump are facilitated by Gavin’s drum pads, the unofficial third member of the band.


Using guitar loops, they are able to create huge soundscapes, going from math-rock inspired riffs to jazzy chord progressions.




Formed in September 2016, and after a successful debut headline gig in the Workman’s Club in February 2017, they are lining up sweaty shows and releases for the next year, across Ireland and the UK.

They released their debut single Sugar Beats on the 6th of April 2017.

And followed up with T.O.I on July 21st 2017.